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"Brilliant piano technique coupled with masterful composing skill  come together in the most original, yet traditionally satisfying,  collection for ballet class I've come across this year. Humorous,  proper, she does it all in three packed discs running two-and-a-half  hours."

Review by Linda Dowdell - composer, former musical director, Mark  
Morris Dance Group and Mikhail Baryshnikov's White Oak Dance Project

Dance Magazine Recommends (Discography) 1 February 2007

Moving With Music CD’s Vols. 1-3



These expressive and musical compositions are loosely arranged in a ballet class format. Instead of using dance steps these compositions are identified by their tempo. This inspiring music is perfect for short exercises which are done twice because each selection is repeated within the same track. Straight from the Australian Ballet this music will give your class a lift.


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