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A Symphony for Seven Moons

New Worlds to Explore

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“THE MOONS SYMPHONY exists at the intersection of art and science, delivering an aural tour of some of the most amazing moons in our solar system. Beautifully crafted and a joy to hear.”


Ed Bell  (Former Scientific American Art Director)

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Keneddy Space Centre - Constellation Cre

"Awe and wonder.

Two words that come to mind when I think about the spaceflight perspective. These two words immediately came to mind when I first, and every time, I listened to the music of The MOONS.

A powerful composition that will transport you through

space and bring you back to Earth!"

ISS Astronaut Nicole Stott 

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"I hope you will agree that it is one of the finest and most inspiring segments in the history of Planetary Radio"

Mat Kaplan - Planetary Radio Host - January 13th 2021

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